"Sports is a contact business."


MAR$AR is an Emmy Award winning global consulting company focusing on cutting edge technologies along with international and domestic distribution of program content. My goal is to bring clients to the right person in the right company for their potential greatest success.  This is accomplished by using my experience/contacts made from 30 years in the sports/entertainment television business.


Marsar provides North America business development.

W.S.C Sports Technologies has created an automatic sports video­-clip generation engine​ to help media-­right owners to exploit and monetize their sports video rights. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

On The Spot Media offers a comprehensive suite of duplication and production services. We’ve invested heavily in a state-of-the-art HD editing capabilities and can offer pretty much any production service you require in-house.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

With powerful software-on-hardware, teams can produce incredible live visuals on complex video surfaces.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

To empower the sports industry with disruptive technologies and innovation.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Teams and stadium owners are desperately searching for ways to invest in a holistic remote approach to optimizing

the stadium experience around the fan. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Texel is the backbone for immersive experiences.  In order to achieve a great viewing experience in VR, a huge amount of data has to be delivered. Using our platform, we at TEXEL address this challenge, enabling users experience Virtual Reality, the way it was meant to be.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Zignage specializes in integrating digital signage software and Internet Technology platforms. Our focus is to provide the next generation of flexible, scalable and reliable solutions in education, marketing, and financial markets.

Marsar President is “News & Notes” columnist
Adjunct Professor in Sports Business Management Master Program and Advisory Board Member. 
Marsar President co-hosts a weekly sports radio show. 
Past Clients:

Marsar provides North America business development.

AJT Systems deveops real-time live to air graphics rendering and video server systems for the broadcast TV industry. AJT System's offerings include the Camino real-time renderer and template editing system and turnkey Camino-based graphics systems in multiple form factors. The turn-key systems are available for purchase or for lease on a per-event basis. In tune with addressing our customer's unique needs, we also offer customized hardware configurations, mission-critical system support, and an in-house Creative Services department.

Marsar was chosen by Bloom Metabolic Institute to market his revolutionary health treatments as the Health Coach of Westchester. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical. 

Marsar was selected by The Hambletonian Society to publicize and market their world famous Breeders Crown Championship harness horse racing events. 

Marsar provided Business Development deals for this production company
Marsar worked in marketing and sales of Cine Magnetics production services. 
Marsar consulted on branding/distribution for NY Cosmos Soccer Club. 
Creative Bubble

Marsar provided business development for Creative Bubble. 
Marsar did consulting on business development for this hot new show concept. 

COURTROOM SPORTS is a 30 minute show featuring two cases with a wide variety of everyday sport fanatics who take opposing positions on an endless array of debatable sports topics and argue their case before a sports savvy judge. 

Marsar provides business development in the sports vertical.

Cyabra helps solve the threat of fake news for brands and the public sector. We provide a software, which identifies bad actors online, and mitigates the threat in real-time.
Diamond Sports selected Marsar to handle their New Media development. 
Marsar provided business development for DSI.

DSI is first and foremost a Tape duplication/Alchemist w/PHC high end standards conversion and DVD authoring facility, along with editing and full production and post production capabilities. 
Element 21 Golf signed Marsar to promote the E21 sponsored World's Longest Drive, a golf shot by Cosmonaut Mihail Tyurin outside the International Space Station. 

While tethered to the space station, Tyurin used a special gold-plated E21 club to hit a gold-plated ball into orbit. 
Eye Music Network (EMN)

Marsar marketed this cutting edge music network. 

Eye Music Network, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is a 24/7 live, via satellite linear, music video channel that operates coast-to-coast worldwide. Eye Music Network is currently arriving to 5.2 million households. With everything from Rock, Top 40, Alternative, Pop, Soul, Latin, Blues, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, 80s, 90s, Dance, Rap, and Intercultural music, EMN has musical tastes for everyone. Freshness of approach, quality of content and an excellent signal is the key to success. Eye Music Network's video programming boasts culturally and ethnically diverse selections of extensively varied genres, shuffled in a dazzling, beautiful framework. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Replay Technologies (www.replay­ powering the next big revolution in video by using video 3D reconstruction technologiesto create new user experiences and disrupt the fundamental operating cost structure for sports broadcasting, sports training, cinematography and other industries like interactive TV, security and bio­-medical.

This new technology allows to place an unlimited number of “virtual cameras” that can move in any motion based on the 3D model of what is being filmed re-­constructed from a small number of video feeds collected from statically installed existing cameras. This approach will revolutionize the sports broadcasting and movie industry by significantly reducing the operating costs for producing movies, TV series or sports/media events as it requires less cameras to install, less people to operate and moves significant portion of TV/movie production from expensive real­-time operator­-driven scripted camera motion to defining how the camera moves in computer­-based post­-production. 3 founders of the company have extensive experience with video technologies from their past background of building breakthrough video technologies for defense industry and movie industry. 

Marsar provides business development in the sports vertical.

G&D North America - 30 years of KVM experience to add more value to your application

Marsar provided business development for Glowpoint. 

Glowpoint's IP Broadcast Solutions empower broadcasters to capitalize on the efficiency of IP-based video while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our solutions provide on-demand broadcasting, with always-on network connectivity, and reduce transport costs by almost 80 percent in comparison with expensive satellite feeds. And our solutions are transforming the broadcast industry.
  • Remote Interviews 
  • Band-end Production
  • Special Projects
  • Reporter/affiliate Connections 
Marsar provided TV Distribution and investment/sponsor outreach.
Marsar provided business development.
Marsar worked with GTL on preparing RFP responses.

Marsar provided business development in the Sports vertical.

HSV is a highly available managed service for desktop telepresence and enterprise grade video communications. HSV offers the only fully featured, software based service-delivery platform for enterprises looking for high definition, highly secure and reliable video communications. 

Marsar worked on Business Development for this Westchester production house. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

We’ve combined the impact of video with the relevance of personalization to increase digital revenues and engage fans with personalized content across social platforms.


Marsar selected by Integrated Sports to consult on pay-per-event they run.
Marsar set up business development meetings with leagues and broadcasters for
Kitay Productions chose Marsar as their Business Development company in the sports marketplace.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Providing data for all customers interactions.  Elicit revenue-generating behaviors from customers and increase their lifetime value.  Supercharge existing loyalty programs by bridging online and offline behavior.  Increase retention by encouraging customer engagement on brand’s apps and websites.

Marsar worked with LiveU in Business Development for North America. 

Marsar provides business development in the sports vertical for Metrovision Production Group.

Metrovision Production Group is one of the country's leaders in the Media Services Industry and has been offering domestic and international clients a full spectrum of mobile production, mobile satellite transmission, flypacks, IP media, and live event presentation services across North America since 1988.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

The process of creating live, network-­style television can be very costly and require massive amounts of expensive equipment and a large crew of people. TriCasterTM changes all of that. In one lightweight, portable system (small enough to fit in a backpack), you have all of the tools, including live, virtual, sets​ on select models, required to produce, live stream, broadcast, and project your show.

There is a reason that TriCaster is the standard in portable live production for major players like Fox Sports, MTV, VH1, NBA D­League and the NHL. Its small footprint makes it possible to broadcast from anywhere and TriCaster is flexible enough to allow you to deliver live productions on your own or with a team. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

We track shooting in high resolution and use it to improve players’ shooting

Find & Fix errors – some errors nobody can currently detect

Optimize practice time – use rapid testing to find tweaks\fixes

Improve organization decisions – Scouting, Prospect Evaluation, Analytics, GM


Marsar promoted sports murder mystery novel Sudden Death. 
Marsar worked on radio promotion for World Team Tennis NY Sportimes.

Marsar provides Broadcast, PR and Marketing to new Arena Football team.

Marsar worked on business development for Orad in North America.

Marsar provides North America business development.

PRG leads the industry in advancing technology and its applications, with a strong focus on innovation, product development, and system packaging. PRG's R&D efforts extends to our own manufacturing capabilities as well as working with strategic manufacturing partners to help develop and refine technology and equipment options that meet the needs of specific markets and expand the standards of reliability. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

PhysiMax delivers a powerful online assessment technology to boost athletic performance, prevent the next non-contact orthopedic injury and ensure quick and safe return to play.

Marsar worked on business development deals.
Screen Systems selected Marsar as their business development consultant for their launch into North America. 

Searching for America's Fittest Schools

Marsar consulted on this wonderful grass roots opportunity. 

An alternative to the screen that builds strong bodies and minds. 

Marsar provided U.S. business development.

SendtoNews is an online news agency that delivers sports news video to newsrooms all over North America. More than 800 print, radio, television and online newsrooms presently take content from SendtoNews, including national networks in the US and Canada. We distribute video for a variety of sports clients such as the International Triathlon Union, the American Hockey League, the America's Cup and Major League Soccer. 

Marsar provides business development in the sports vertical.

Simplylive makes the world's easiest and most intuitive solutions for producing sports. Experience the SimplyLive ViBox Production Platform today.

Listen. Engage. Activate. 

Marsar provided business development in the Sports vertical.

SES provides a full media solution for marketers whose media plans must include relevant listening to social media, engaging with customers via social media and providing a call to action for those customers. Always keeping in mind that 65% of social engagement now happens over mobile, SES also includes direct mobile enhancement over a proprietary system. SES is platform agnostic, using the best technologies and optimum solution for each individual partner. 

Marsar did some business development for this great golf club.
Marsar worked in PR and Marketing this grass roots league. 
TalkingBaseball With Ed Randall

Marsar marketed and distributed the re-launch of baseball broadcast legend Ed Randall's landmark interview series Talking Baseball with Ed Randall in 2008.
Thought Equity used Marsar to develop sports content deals for its video licensing division. 
Marsar worked in marketing this great ski resort. 
Marsar provided marketing for this outstanding Internet TV Network.

Marsar provides Broadcast, PR and Marketing to the TVS TV Networks.


Marsar worked on business development in the sports arena for Txtstation. 
Marsar did some marketing for this credit card processing company. 
A Lifestyle for the 21st Century: Universal Screen-Time Reduction

Marsar provided business development for a program of Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness.

Marsar provided business development for Video Caption Corporation. 

At Video Caption Corporation, we provide high quality English and Spanish offline closed captioning, and multi-language subtitling services for video and DVDs. We close caption and subtitle video in standard and high definition formats, as well as for the Internet. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get your captioning or subtitling project done on time and within budget.


Marsar worked on Business Development for this Technology Integration Company.

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

Advanced Video Transmission & Distribution Technology

for Live Broadcast, Sports, News-gathering & Enterprise

Marsar was selected by World Golf League to distribute their Million Dollar Shootout event. 
Marsar distributed XCW Pro Wrestling to GTV in Africa.

Marsar President is Sports Editor and “News & Notes” columnist. 

Marsar consulted on No Pain, No Gain distribution. 

Marsar provides business development in the Sports vertical.

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